Small Business Internet Marketing – Embedding Video Producer

Is an embedding video producer a viable small business Internet marketing solution? Whether you are looking for an Internet presence for a traditional bricks and mortar business, have an Internet marketing or home-based network marketing business or, just want to update a family or friendship blog, one thing is clear, video is fast becoming the accepted medium of communication on the Internet.

Why would you want to put video onto your website, blog or social network sites like YouTube? Well apart from the obvious capture pages lead generation system possibilities, the answer lies in the medium itself. Adding video allows for captivating and dynamic content.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, a picture paints a thousand words? Well videos expand on that ideal and are a crucial part of any new website design. Why is this? Because the true power of a message is derived from visual and auditory cues. Consider these facts:

55% of a message meaning is derived from facial expression.

38% of a message meaning is derived from gestures, body language, etc.

It’s also important to note when conveying an important message people only remember:

10% of what they read

20% of what they hear

30% of what they see

50% of what they see and hear together

And 80% of what they see, hear, and do.

Video is sweeping the online Internet world. From embedding video messages in a simple e-mail to broadcasting live interactive sales and training events, companies are using video technology like never before, to communicate with both customers and employees.

An effective video producer is now an essential marketing tool for all businesses wishing to keep an edge on their competitors and stay on top of the marketing game.

And here’s why:

Email has become the fastest growing form of communication. Every day billions of emails are sent, and that’s just the beginning. Experts say that the numbers of emails sent will more than double in the next few years. Some say that it will ultimately grow to as many as 100 billion a day!

The problem is that standard text email doesn’t have the same impact. There is no personal connection. You may have begun including pictures and images to help convey your meaning and make impact. But that still doesn’t solve the problem!

The Solution

One of the most significant challenges you will face in your small business Internet marketing strategies is how to communicate with your current and potential customers so that they grasp and remember your message.

This is equally true if you own and operate a home based or network marketing business. How do you effectively train your customers and downline members to use your products and services so they have higher customer satisfaction?

A fully integrated video producer and video conferencing platform helps you solve these issues by allowing you to easily deliver your message or information in such a way that people get it, and remember it, resulting in better results.

1. If you are involved in small business Internet marketing or have a home based network marketing business you need to have professional videos on your lead capture pages.

2. If you have friends and family anywhere in the world you can shoot LIVE recorded video for them and send it to them via email

3. What about videos of your kids taking their 1st steps to send to relatives or post to your family blog for all to see

4. How about your graduation party or wedding?

The practical uses for creating simple easy-to-use video are endless!

However, sometimes it is confusing and time consuming to learn how to implement video embedding code onto your current website. This could also translate into high cost if you hire someone to insert the video on your website.

What’s REALLY cool is there are now websites that allow you, regardless of your technical knowledge, to be able to put professional video on the web with the aid of a video producer that virtually takes just a couple of clicks of your mouse!

Capture the video directly with your web cam or shoot the video on your favourite video device and upload it. From there the systems automatically generate the embedding video code for your websites and blogs, create a URL link for you to send in your emails, and even allow you to automatically upload it directly to YouTube and other popular video social network sites.

Small business Internet marketing tools like a video producer that automatically generates video embedding code for your websites has made the job of small business Internet exposure and promotion that little bit easier.

The Number 1 Business Card Marketing Mistake

Drumroll, please. The number one business card marketing mistake is…..not putting your email address on your business card! (OK, imagine that I’ve just smacked my palm to my forehead to say ‘duh-oh’) Now I can guess the excuse-you don’t want to get spam. But you know what? You’re in business to be contacted. Some of those contacts will be new clients who want to spend thousands of dollars with you. Some will be people trying to sell you recycled toner cartridges. But pull up your big girl panties or your big boy tighty-whiteys-the price of being open for business means being “bothered” by contacts.

Today’s economy works on email. Phone calls are intrusive and time-consuming. If I send you an email, we can arrange an appointment for a phone call. No phone tag, no string of missed messages. That is efficient for your time and mine. If you give me a card with no email, now I’ve got to call you. Odds are, I’ll get your voice mail. Then you’ll call me, and round and round we’ll go. Or I might catch you at your desk in the middle of a meeting or on deadline, so you can’t talk, which leads to another round of calls. All that time wasted because an email address wasn’t on the business card.

When you give someone a business card without an email address, you’re asking them to work harder to reach you than to reach your competitor. Most people hate going to web sites, searching for email addresses or filling out one of those email forms. If I have a choice between two providers of a service and one has a email address on the card and one makes me call or search for it, guess who I’ll spend my money with? That’s right. The person I can contact at my convenience, 24/7, without phone tag with an email.

How much business are you losing because your email address isn’t on your business card? How many people would have sent you referrals from your last networking luncheon, but it was too much trouble to do so since you didn’t have an email address? How many people passed your card on to a prospective client who took one look at your card, didn’t see an email, and gave business to the competitor who was easier to contact?

If you’re only doing business by phone, you’re behind the times. I have to ask myself when I don’t see an email address-is this person using best practices or living in a 1990s world? Not only do you lose out on new business, referrals and replies from people you’ve met, but you’re also making a statement about your accessibility to potential new clients. I interpret a lack of an email address on a card to say, “I don’t care about your convenience; it’s all about my convenience.”

If you hung out a shingle over a store or office, you’d have to deal with the “bother” of people walking in off the street. If you have a phone, you deal with the “nuisance” of hearing it ring with those troublesome calls. And if you have email, you might get some messages that don’t interest you. I’m not sympathetic. That’s the price of being in business. As the comment goes, “we could get more work done if it weren’t for those darn customers.” Not having an email address on your business card could just give you all the peace and quiet you desire. (And that’s not a good thing.)

The Essentials of Business Cards Marketing

All hail the almighty business card: the keeper of information, the displayer of logos, bastion of branding. That small piece of paper represents years of planning and effort and hard work and dreams. Being extensively used at meetings and trade shows, business card is the best way to make the introduction. However not all businessmen understand the importance of business cards exchanges and arrive at trade shows and meetings without them. They might not even realize how much they lose by not having their business cards on them! If you realize the importance of using your card extensively the following considerations will be instrumental for you:

Keep in mind the power of information

Make sure your card has these key points of information, at a minimum:

  • Your company name
  • Your company logo
  • Your name
  • Your title
  • A direct phone number
  • A fax number
  • Your e-mail address

It is also a prudent step to throw in something more than just your contact information. Include images and other items that will generate more interest. Armed with this information, your customer can find you in their hour of desperate need.

Choose proper font. Not only should the typography you choose for your text represent your business image but also be easy to read. Business cards do not allow for large fonts, which means that the type of font you use should be easily readable in a small size.

Crosscheck the information to avoid mistakes. It is important that you should proofread your business cards before they are printed. There is a simple, yet great way to make sure there are no errata. Try to read each line backwards, from left to right and then from bottom to top. Thus, you will see each word and number, instead of only scanning the message, you’ve already seen so many times.

Make sure your sales agreement allows to place logo on your business cards. Card organizations, most vendors and banks have certain regulations on the subject of the use of their logos. Add any logos (that you are allowed to use) that might provide further reliability to your business, such as from a trade union, chamber of commerce or Better Business Bureau.

Let people know that you conduct business in alternative languages. You may print your message in other language on the backside of your business card or just add a line such as, “Sie konnen mit uns Deutsch sprechen”.

Have your cards printed on the paper that people can write on. Many people like to take some notes on cards they were given. You can actually deprive them of such possibility by printing your card on plastic. Dark color will not do for your card, either. So, choose proper paper stock and fair colors. While business cards that look and feel like credit or gift cards may be a innovation, they will most likely be thrown away rather than retained as valuable reminders for further action.

Business cards are the best way to recall people you want to deal with. Always keep all business cards you’ve been given. It is an excellent way to quickly find contact information about the person you want to deal with. You may also use the backside of a card to make some quick notes, such as your second appointment or some terms you’ve agreed on. Always look through the cards you’ve been given after the meeting and you will be sure not to forget anything.

Get a good record by simply distributing your business cards. While assessing the professional qualities of the staff members, many sales managers take into account the number of business cards their employees collects during the day.  Take the advantage of this. You may also give your card each time you receive one. Thus, you will be aware how many cards you are giving out for a certain period of time.

Always have your cards in your pocket, wallet, briefcase and desk. Keep your cards handy to use them every time you feel there is a potential client nearby.

Use Business cards holder. Bent and greasy cards give a bad impression. A business card case represents an affordable and convenient way to keep your cards straight and clean. Your business cards are an integral part of any good marketing plan. Consider them the seeds of your business, and disperse them far and wide.